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iBet Basics
Participants fill out a tournament ticket by choosing outcomes of sports events
iBet gathers entry fees of the participants into the prize pool before the start of an event
After the event has finished iBet distributes the prize pool among the winners
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This is a tournament ticket
  • Main info
  • First match
  • Second match
  • Third match
Every filled out ticket is a separate bet that contains one outcome prediction for each sports match.
x 2
Every additional outcome prediction adds another bet. Your tickets may not duplicate.
x 3
Every ticket participates in the event on its own. Therefore you may be eligible for multiple paid places.
Every player may check the number of tickets in-play and the prize pool distribution at any time during the event.
After the start of the event participants may see each other’s tickets.
How is the winner determined?
You do not have to correctly predict all outcomes – all you need is to score more points than other participants.
Team 1
1,55 points
Every outcome is assigned a certain number of points.
( ) 100
Points of the correctly predicted outcomes are summed up and multiplied by 100.
Participants with the highest point total become the winners.
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